Why Do I Need A Pedodontist if my Child does not have Cavities?

Posted by Admin Aswini Dental; May 25, 2020


Cavities are the most known form of tooth problems but they aren’t the only kind of dental problems your child can face.

Other problems like mal-alignment can be reduced or even prevented. A Pedodontist can predict whether the child is going to experience any kinds of mal-alignment issues before all the teeth have even erupted, just by taking a simple full mouth X-Ray (OPG). After taking a brief look at the OPG the dentist will take an impression and will analyze the cast made with the use of the impression taken and will Customize a treatment plan for the type of mal-alignment the child has.

A pediatric dentist is well versed with the exact pattern of jaw development, eruption and shedding of the milk teeth and eruption of the permanent teeth which helps them diagnose and predict the developmental anomalies and defects in the child’s permanent dentition.
If the parents don’t bring their children for regular check-ups such problems cannot be detected

The fact that the child doesn’t have any cavities does not mean that he will never develop any! Preventive measure like fluoride application to prevent any cavities can also be done! Here at Aswini dental clinic we provide all the above mentioned problems under one roof.
Also dental health can be achieved but it needs maintenance. To maintain their child’s dental health parents need to bring their children to the dentist every 6 months.
A visit to the Aswini Dental clinic ensures your child always has a happy and healthy smile.

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